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Sat Drive Racks

They represent an innovating system for the automatic pallet storage, technological advanced and easy to use at the same time, which allows to save a lot of space and working time.

The goal of this storage method, used especially in the food and pharmaceutical sectors, is a proper expiration date management, making the user pick up the goods manufactured before and thus stored before in the warehouse (FIFO) or, in case of products that don’t need an expiration date control, the first stored pallet is not always the first to be picked up (LIFO, Last In is the First Out).

The trend of the satellite is only radio controlled. Every working phase is given by separated commands, such as lift, move pallet, deposit. 


  • Reduction of operator injury
  • Compact storage system effective for warehouses with a low number of references
  • Optimization of storage, deposit and pick up phases
  • Risk and stress limitation for the fork-lift operators